Theatre The Dolmen Rowen Gillespie

To Hell In A Handbag

Time:  July 1895

Place: The Garden at the Manor House, Woolton and The Rectory, Woolton

Written and Starring: Helen Norton & Jonathan White

Directed by Conor Hanratty                                                   

To Hell in a Handbag: The Secret Lives of Canon Chasuble  and Miss Prism  -  Following its sell-out run at the 2017  Edinburgh Fringe Festival, To Hell in a  Handbag:  The  Secret  Lives  of  Canon  Chasuble  and  Miss  Prism,  written  and  performed  by  Helen  Norton  and  Jonathan  White  will  embark  on  its  first  UK  tour  in  November  2018.  Hailed  by  the Observer as a ‘comic  gem and  ͛a  hoot  of  an  instant  classic,  the play’s action  runs  in  parallel  to  Oscar  Wilde͛s  The  Importance  of  Being  Earnest  and  follows  two  of  that  play͛s  minor  characters  –  a  country  rector  and  a  governess  –  as  their  lives  of  Victorian  propriety  unravel  in  a  tale  of  blackmail  and  false  identity,  a  subversively  funny  new  take  on  an  Irish  comedy  classic.  The  production  received  four-  and  five-star  reviews  in  Edinburgh  and  subsequently  toured  all  over  Ireland.  The  Sunday  Independent  called  it  ͚Wickedly,  side-splittingly  funny,  in  a  sophisticated,  witty  and  elegant  way...  a  joyous  romp  not  to  be  missed,  a  worthy  homage  to  its  master  and  progenitor͚.  The  Mail  on  Sunday  said  ’To  Hell  in  a  Handbag  is  a  delight  –  beautifully  written  and  acted  with  exquisite  comic  timing.͛This  tour  will  bring  the  play  to  the  heart  of  its  original  setting.  One  of  the  venue  stops  on  the  way  –Worthing  –  was  incorporated  by  Wilde  into  his  story.  His  leading  character  was    famously  found  in  a  handbag  as  a  baby,  and  given  the  name  Worthing  because  his  benefactor  had  a  ticket  for  that  Sussex  seaside  resort  in  his  pocket

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The Secret Lives of Canon Chasuble and Miss Prism

Helen Norton & Jonathan White

While others are preoccupied with cucumber sandwiches and railway cloakrooms, two minor characters from The Importance of Being Earnest are up to their necks in something else. A country rector and a governess, models of Victorian propriety in public. But in private? This is the play behind the play: a tale of blackmail, false identity … and money. The Irish Times

“Wickedly, side-splittingly funny …a joyous romp not to be missed”Sunday Independent

“To Hell in a Handbag is a delight – beautifully written and acted with exquisite comic timing”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★  – The Mail On Sunday

 Mon 22nd - Sat 27th Oct