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 Tuesday 27th Nov - Saturday 1st Dec |  8pm

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The Reviews Hub      

“A side splitting peek into the many characters you would find in a Dublin hair Salon but packs an emotional punch “

“The production expertly balances the light with the dark, bringing its audience on a journey of emotions”

“Larkin’s writing is clever and exacting and Aisling Byrne’s steady direction ensures the play does not veer off course”

The Sunday Times   

“Split Ends is a calling card for Larkin’s ability to embody and humanise characters in a short space of time”

“Split Ends is a comforting place to spend an hour”

The Arts Review  

“Larkin’s minutely observed hyper-realism celebrates Dubliners and their rich and humorous language”

“Larkin, whose performance impeccably directed by Aisling Byrne, leaves you gobsmacked at the level of talent on display”

“Larkin can write both comedy and drame as well as delivering performances of the highest calibre”

“Split Ends confirms Larkin as a truly immense talent”

The Sunday Independent

“Larkin plays all the characters with dexterity, body language down to a T and emotion balanced perfectly between laughter and genuinely tragic tears”

The Irish Times

“Larkin seizes the comic potential of the hairdressing salon, shaping its intimacies and confessions into a mini portrait of 4 generations of Dublin women”

Split Ends

There’s nothing a new hair-do won’t fix! Right? Amy has worked at the salon since she was 16. She loves it. She loves her fella Darren too: they bought their house last year and have it almost how they want it.  Her clients are the business; every day she has the chats with generations of Dublin women about their struggles, and their strength.  Amy's worked hard for what she has, and whatever she sets her sights on, she gets. Until now… Drop in to Split Ends to hear the things we can only tell our hairdresser and to get the best damn curly blow dry in town! FACT.

Written and Performed by Lauren Larkin

Directed by Aisling Byrne