Theatre The Dolmen Rowen Gillespie

The Afters

Monday Oct 21st - Saturday Nov 2nd 2019 |  8pm

Written by : Ger Gallagher

Directed by: Caroline FitzGerald


Geraldine Plunkett - Glenroe, Fair City

Rachael Dowling – John Huston’s The Dead, The Unmanageable Sisters

Seamus Moran – Ballykissangel, Fair City.

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When Jane  Loftus became pregnant at sixteen, her boyfriend Tommy skipped town and she never heard from him again. Now in her mid-forties, Jane has returned from London to the family farm to care for her elderly mother. When they attend a local wedding, Jane is shocked to run into Tommy who is home from America on holidays.

As the evening unfolds and the pair become reacquainted, both are ambushed by shocking revelations which force them to revisit  the secrets and lies from the past.  This chance meeting makes it  clear to Jane that what happened can no longer be ignored, and finally gives  Tommy  a chance to put things right.

No Performance on Monday 28th October

' it's core is Geraldine Plunkett's terrific performance as Mrs Loftus...'

'Gallagher's perceptive script turns the focus on us as a nation of class-obsessed hypocrites.' Fiona Charleton,  Sunday Times

'Gallagher handles it all extremely well, most of the digs hitting home with pin-point accuracy ....' Emer O'Kelly, Sunday Independent