Theatre The Dolmen Rowen Gillespie

Seating:  75

Stage: Enter at stage left from dressing room

Dept.:   2.6m (8.5ft)

Width:  4.9m (16ft)

Height: 2.4m (7.8ft)

Lighting & Sound

2 Strand Act 6+ Dimmer packs (10 Channels)

4 Lighting Bars ; FOH, On-stage Sides and Cyc positions.

12 16amp Multicore


6 Fresnels 650w (Strand & DTS)

2 Minutes 650w

1 Strand Prelude 650w Profile 16/30

Lighting Desk

Strand 200


Sony Stereo System with Aux/CD/Mini Disc output. Aux- 3.5 Jack cable avail.

No mixing desk or mic lines currently available.

Technical Information