Theatre The Dolmen Rowen Gillespie

 Thursday  22nd and Friday 23rd Nov |  8pm

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Directed by Tracy Ryan.

Performed by Stephen Jones, Luke Griffin, Stephen Cromwell & Gerard Byrne.

25 years after the original production – we are delighted to welcome a new production of this classic play.

”Do not, repeat, do not miss.“- London Sunday Times..

Brothers of the Brush by Jimmy Murphy

25 years after the original production – a new production of the classic play tells the story of three house painters, making a meagre living, overseen by an arrogant and shifty boss who is running a small business.  Underneath the humour and playfulness of the relationships, is a tough world with workers are losing faith in old ways,

Brothers of the Brush is both entertaining and thought provoking.

“Do not, repeat, do not miss.”– London Sunday Times

“Tremendous…. Shares with Skylight the title of Best New Play in London.”– London Guardian

“There is a new and remarkably realistic voice …” – Sunday Independent

“Best new play in London.” Billington, The Guardian

“Riveting.”– London Evening Star

“Brothers” is a smart, nicely turned play that stays a step ahead of its audience.”Variety

Brothers from the Brush

The Arts Review

Brothers of the Brush 4 stars ****
"...hints of Three Stooges funny alongside Marxist level smarts...deeply moving, hilariously funny, irresistibly powerful..."